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Where To: Pumpkin Patches and more!

Firstly, Happy Fall!!! It's time to roll out the calendar and plan the fun!

Truly, we can live the fullness of life on any budget, any schedule and even for a party of one. Planning is necessary for fullness of life in every aspect. This is the same for the fun as well! In Atlanta and beyond, there are so many activities to experience. The key to making it happen is INTENTIONALITY.

Plan Ahead

Knowing what you want to experience is the first step in planning activities; whether solo or with a group. Make a list of things you are interested in doing. Make a top ten with highest interests listed first. Once you've listed you experiences, it's time to research!


Start looking at all your options with all businesses that provide the activities. Get info about times, additional activities offered, attire and amenities. Getting information beforehand provides fullness of your experiences while there.

Go back to your priority list and jot down possible associated costs. From this point, decide what order you will be able to roster the fun! Bonus: Check to see if there are specials on certain days to save some bucks, get info on slower traffic times/days to make for perfect photo ops and map the area to find a unique dining experience to add!

I said it before and here we are again: Creating a beautiful life and enjoying it to its fullest requires planning and intentionality. Start making those moments reality!

What Fall Activities do I enjoy?

Visiting the farmers market

Cabin getaways

Food festivals

Live music Festivals

Vineyard tours


Pumpkin Patches

Family Movies Series

Art Showcases



Fruit picking

Formal pop up/ themed parties (Atlanta has so many around this time!)


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