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Back to School Checklist

It's crazy to think we are midway through Summer break, yet, here we are! School will resume in about a month and preparing for it is truly a month-long process. Why?! Because... who wants to be overwhelmed and scrambling. I mean, you could do it but, why?... We are planners around here : )

Take the time to:

Gather your info

Be strategic about forms and getting clearances for your kids ahead of schedule. 3300 forms and sports releases are need constantly. Pack/label all medications that need to be held by the nurse. Go to your school's site and jot down, important dates, school supply list and any questions by subject. By mid-July, your child's teacher will usually make contact or a schedule will be provided. be prepared to bring correspondence with you to all meet and greets that will be upcoming.

Grab supplies

There used to be a huge benefit to waiting for specified sale dates for school supplies. Well folks, those days erelong gone. Many retailers have already initiated "back-to-school" pricing. This is beneficial because you can have time to accumulate everything on the list while pacing yourself.

Be present

Partaking in interactive opportunities is your best chance at setting the tone for the new year ahead. Meet and Greets are the perfect time to meet your child's teacher, introduce your child and their learning style and get a feel for the flow of the classroom/schedule.

Planning your strategy for the "back to school" race ahead will keep so much of your peace intact and create time to soak up all the photo ops, gift making and more first days bring. So, what are we waiting for?...Go!!


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