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Beating the Bully!

Although you'd love to physically do the above, there are ways to get results without ending up wearing silver bracelets and a matching ensemble that wasn't hot off the runway of New York fashion week....

Kids should always feel safe and comfortable while being eager to learn at school. Sometimes situations, like bullying, can impede of that process. I, unfortunately but fortunate for you, am a parent of a beautiful child that has been on the receiving end of bullying. When I realized what was going on, it was an outer body experience for sure! If I'm being honest, I had so many crazy thoughts that I was scared of myself, ha, ha! My children, like all great parents, are one of my most important blessings and I couldn't fathom moving past someone taunting or threatening them. But it happened. I chosen to fight smart to make a mark against bullying for my child and also to give a few bullet points to start with for those they may not know how to go about starting or where to begin:

1) READ, READ, READ (did it say READ?!)

You know that annoying parent handbook they send at the beginning of the year? If you don't, you might have tossed it, lol... no worries, a copy can be found on your county website. I cannot stress enough how important this is and as well as being informed. There is a protocol list as well as what your school system defines as bullying.

2) Document and save!

Once you've armed yourself with ammo, I mean info, go through a checklist of what has been done up until the present and what has not been done according to the steps the county outlines. Found negligence can be a catalyst for expedient results due to legal aspect that can ensue.

3) Take picks and Video

This is not to go viral. This is to make sure you have any and all evidence of physical harm done to your child, if any. A video of your child describing such attacks and its emotional harm being done in his or her words helps to establish distress and feeling of an unsafe environment for your child.

4) Always send copies

Unlike many job dealings, it's perfectly ok and YOUR RIGHT to jump the chain of command, if you deem it necessary. You have to bring out your inner Oprah during "favorite things" time and send everyone all the documentation you have; from the teacher all the way up to the board of education..."you get a packet! you get a packet! you get a packet! get it, right?!

5) Know the rules!

This is reiterating #1...Many times, we glance over our rights, when this could be the very thing to get some progress in such a time-sensitive situation. Did you know in many counties in the U.S., that if the teacher/administrator told of bullying behavior does not reach out to you immediately to notify you of incidents, that they can also be punished for aggravated assault by law to the fullest extent?? That one of the things I learned and it empowered me all the more. Most do not want to be in trouble, especially when it concerns their livelihood. So, this definitely puts fire under the situation!

I hope this gets you started if you find yourself dealing with a bully issue with your minor child. I am still navigating and have more tactics to share, if needed. This is the beginning, but reach out if you need more!

Disclaimer: I am NOT a professional, I am simply sharing my experience, point of view and my opinion regarding this matter. Please seek professional help should you find yourself or your minor child in said situation.

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