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Summer Retention

Studies have shown that kids lose significant knowledge in math and reading during the Summer. Stats: While there are children that gain an additional 32% of knowledge to bring from Summer, others lose close to 90% of what they learned during the year (Forbes did the research!). I know, I know, yet another situation us parent and caregivers have to tackle, right?!

While it can seem like a tall order, creating learning opportunities can be incorporated into daily activities to lessen this chore... it may even become, dare I say, FUN???! As you know, I am all about simplifying all processes. I feel that if we are organized and seek out an efficient way to do things, we are more apt to get it done.


When it comes to reading, there's no way around it. Point blank, it needs to happen! Reading helps to stimulate your Childs imagination, expand their understanding and mature their critical thinking skills. Reading also improves memory, focus, empathy and the ability to communicate. Committing to reading 30 minutes a day can create drastic improvements! Seems easy enough, right?...Sometimes, when your child loves reading. When you child can find ninety-nine other things to do; and reading isn't one of them. This is where incentives come in! Ice cream date, play tickets, bonus bank (money) and reloads on their favorite games are amazingly effective rewards to get more reading accomplished. I cannot tell you how many hoops I jumped through to get the personal pizza reading award in school, lol. You?!

Other effective techniques are popcorn reading, reading to a family member and creating a book club! Its even beneficial to sign up for a library card and let the kids explore.


Math is easy fun! You can incorporate math with food, toys, outdoor adventures and more. The possibilities are endless. Math enhances research, analytical and problem solving skills. Getting better in math is an incredible way to boost your child's confidence going into a new grade level. I always start the Summer days with math facts. They are applicable to most ages and knowing math facts off the top of their heads assists them with being able to quickly grasp new math concepts.


  • Cutting snacks and dividing portions

  • Counting everyday objects

  • Creating math problems utilizing current situations

  • Preparing Daily Worksheets for bridge learning

Toddler Club (PRE school)

This is likely the most fun and opportunity to get creative in my book. Shapes, colors, matching, sight words, etc. The little ones make everything an adventure. The name of the game for this group is quantity. Stop by activity bins, arts and craft sections and recyclable items. There are many workbooks and printable pages perfect for little learners!

The benefits of Summer learning set your child up for success before they enter the classroom. Personal attention and motivation for growth will inspire to do great things!


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