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Keepin' It Crafty!

Crafts are an all-in-one activity perfect for all occasions, so, it's no shock that they are time well spent during Summer break also!Whether you are an expert or novice, pulling together activities that the kids will enjoy (and keep them busy for a moment of sanity, lol) can be simple!

Where to buy?

Arts and craft stores have Summer crafts at 40% or more now. Places like Joanns, Michaels, hobby Lobby are great places to scoop up premade crafting packs or to refill your crafting heavy hitters like bells, clay, stickers, fun papers and other adornments. Did I really tell you something you didn't know?! Probably not. Arts and Crafts are in storefront descriptions BUT often, people forego these places thinking they are pricey for tools needed. The Truth: There is ALWAYS at sale at the places!! AND usually on par with season and/or holiday.

Now, I'm going to share a gem that not many people have explored at our beloved Target... This show stopper is called Mondo Llama. Say it again: Mondo Llama!!

I am all about quality with a savings savvy price tag and this brand DOES NOT disappoint! Painting kits, water color activities, foam sculpting, clay crafting and more are all available at amazing prices! I get all of my pipe cleaners, fuzzy balls, paint kits and water art sets with them for the last two years and I have truly have yet to turn back. the kits are everything! Bang for buck?! Yesssss!

When to begin?

Crafts are great for hectic times that need a peaceful reset. They provide mental stimulation and occupy wonder. We have often began an art project and have gotten lost in time full of pure enjoyment. If you are striving to keep this in weekly rotation, schedule art/craft days and prep the items ahead of time for ease of the experiences.

On hand supplies

You should always have glue, scissors, construction paper, textured items, colors, paint trays, cups, cardboard pieces/protective coverings, beads, playdoh/clay and an assortment of stickers. These items will get you started with most projects!

May beautiful, long Summer days be with you and your families. Mix it up with some arts and crafts fun!


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