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Summer Break Musts!

School will not be in session in a matter of days and the countdown begins to prepare yourself. It's eights weeks of a whirlwind that tests your sanity, ignites your excitement but ultimately exposes your level of preparedness. This time can be a ball of stress OR a carefully curated time. As my daughter likes to joke and say (and actually fits in this scenario, lol), "We can do this the easy way, or the hard way... the choice is yours. The origin of the quoted words tickles me every time I hear it, lol, moving on...

You can win and do it again! Planning and purposeful purchases are the key to a successful Summer break. Utilizing learning aids, existing events and creating a reward system is going to be your saving grace!


Create a schedule that includes wake/bedtimes, chores, work/reading, free time, activities, eating times, etc. This keeps order day-to-day and helps you to control food consumption, reduces idle time and encourages responsibility that directly impacts habits when they do return back to school. Create a menu to stabilize food costs and laundry schedules to reduce increased visits.


Keeping your child(ren)'s being fresh all Summer doesn't have to be an agonizing task.

What's Needed: Pencils, paper, markers/color pencils, grade appropriate workbooks, stickers, small prizes, selected books/library card.

Work and/or reading should be the same time each day. Create a system that shares trackable progress and initiate a reward system to encourage good habits and independence in learning. Note: Choosing to visit the library allows you to check out several books without added expense. Often during the Summer, the library has activities and partner with your child's school for further reading incentives.

Out and About

Finding activities to keep your children entertained is worth the effort. You will thank yourself for the smooth sailing planning creates. During the Summer, there are movies on the green, free workshops, festivals, camps, daily excursions and discounted attractions available to fill in the blanks; keeping it fun and exciting.The early bird gets the worm! Get a calendar and jot down all festivities you desire to attend. Once you have your personal schedule ironed out, slide in the events where their's free space in your schedule. You will be so happy you chose to be outside!

You CAN create an unforgettable Summer for the kiddos, so, do it! Start planning now, time is ticking!


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