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Summer Break Countdown: Bang for your bank!

Can you believe it is March?! I know, me either! It may seem early, but now is the best time to start planning for Summer activities, camps and childcare. Most registrations have already opened! You already know how I feel about a full experience while steering away from high costs; Summer is no different. I am often asked where to start looking for activities that offer great Summer experiences. My answer:

Start with your county/city

Many counties and/or cities provide a playbook or catalogue that provides information on activities, camps, classes and Summer events! Did you know most camps go from 7am-6pm? This is perfect for working around a hectic work schedule. If you are able to hang out and have more flexibility, there are amazing classes that you can take as a family, outdoor movie screenings and more right at your fingertips.

Note: you don't have to stay within your county/city. You can pay a small increased fee and go wherever you'd like. I have often picked camps near work and it was seamless and a great experience with the commute. (Think smarter not harder)

Why not "Y"?

The YMCA offers reasonable Summer programs with extended hours and tons of activities! Not a monthly member of a YMCA? Don't fret! You can pay a "family program fee" for $40 (total, folks!!) a year and gain access to all camps and classes. This is a huge benefit for any family.

Week Fillers/ Weekend Getaways

Regularly checking event and government sites as well as places you frequent can fill your calendar with as much as you can hold if you do your homework. Who doesn't love fun that's already planned?! Movies on the green, food festivals, play passes are all abundant as many businesses participate in Summer specials! Take advantage and live your best life!

Utilizing all that's available can really create a Summer to remember while reducing so much stress! Start your search and plan a memorable break!


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