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The Vacation: Making the most of your exploration!

Many times, my frugality would put a damper on vacay ideas and planning because I wouldn't want to spend a fortune (She's fancy, y'all!). I'm always at war with my expensive taste and budget-conscious mindset (when I win the war, I'll let you know, lol). I realized a while ago, that I can have it ALL! Yes, ALL and you CAN to! It may seem obvious, but many of us don't know or utilize some easy steps to save a buck or three! Here are a few tips that consistently help me get where I'm trying to go. Hopefully you can use them, too!!

1. Book transportation first!

Travel, many times, can be the most expensive portion of your trip; especially if you're going as a family. Finding the best deal on your transportation can afford the luxury of sending more on the lodging and activities.

2. Be flexible

Flexibility is key to getting your vacation at the price you desire. Many airlines have a "fare calculator" where you can see when your trip will be the least expensive! Which goes back to #1; booking transportation first. Also, choosing to go during off months can serve for an enjoyable and peaceful experience and be drastically less in cost. Dare to be different!

3. Check wholesale clubs!

Many wholesale clubs have their own travel agencies and vacation packages set up where you can simply pay and go. Usually, there's a 6 month or more time bracket allowing you flexibility to find your best deal on flights. In addition to offering flexibility in booking, they usually offer an additional incentives that can't be awarded any other way! At Costco, they usually include a rental car and a Costco cash card that can be used as cash while on your trip just as cash! Who would want free money?!

4. Go All-Inclusive

GO ALL-INCLUSIVE, if you can. All-inclusive vacations take out all of the guesswork in regards to budgeting out for food, activities, etc. You can pay one price for your whole family to have a memorable time and live life like it's golden!

5. Look for City/Country Passes

Many cities within the U.S as well as other countries have "GO"passes! These passes allow you to pay one set price for 3-4 attractions while exploring your destination. They offer at least 35% off or more off regular retail for the attraction tickets and often include transportation, such as trolley or shuttle, to get you to these hotspots!

6. Kiss up to family members in armed forces

You already love them, but this is a reason to butter them up even more! Many places, like Disney World, have deep discounts and special lodging accommodations for those in the military/armed forces; even if their veterans! Ex: you can get a 4-day park hopper pass for around $200!! Which is amazing if you have a large family. Each member can get up to 6 tickets at a time at this fabulous price. This makes the magic of a wonderful vacation all the more attainable.

7. Look for "kids stay free" resorts and lodging

Take a load off and aim for "kids stay free" resorts/lodging!! This enables you to dodge additional fees and focus on their entertainment. It's a double bonus if it's already an all inclusive destination and equipped with on-site care. Usually, when kids are free, it's an additional inclination that there will be many activities, care and bountiful menus for the whole family to enjoy!


*Have vacation pics? Wanna share?! Because, I wanna see!!! Send them in for features and share your "vacation steal of a deal!"

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