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EOE: Experience over Expense

I was speaking to my sister the other day and we began to discuss the fullness of life and being intentional about creating a beautiful life. I personally feel a beautiful life is supported by fullness of experiences; whether travel or simply "doing the most" in everyday tasks. I spoke about a post I had seen and ultimately realized so many people inadvertently believe beautiful experiences and elevated fun is reserved for the wealthy. Truly, this couldn't be farther from the truth. So many right off experiences as "I'll never be able to do" simply because it APPEARS costly...

Life requires intentionality.

You can experience your "RICH" life without feeling the necessity of being wasteful or spending funds beyond your budget.

"You can go to McDonalds where the ice cream machine never works OR you can spend five extra dollars and find a beautiful creamery offering beautiful, decadent frozen treat that expand your taste palette, tap into your "fancy" and give you something to remember/ look forward to."

Making great experiences happen requires both research, reservation and release.


Regardless of whether you think an experience is possible for you, you owe it to yourself to do the research and find out what it truly costs. Knowing this information can help you create a savings plan, find deals for future dates and get the most out of the offerings. So much is affordable with a plan!


Many times, booking 6o or more days in advance can land you some amazing deals for the experiences you desire the most. Jot down your desires and put action to them! Also consider times outside of peak or weekends to gift you a more exclusive experience without the elevated price tag.


This will likely be the biggest step you take in making it happen. Releasing fear or the idea that you need an entourage is key to quantity in experience. Let's be real... How many of your plans are still sitting in the group chat??! Exactly. Waiting on others can easily spell cancelled plans and so often we don't know how to enjoy time with ourselves enough to "go anyway". Well, this is your push. Time waits for no one! Don't let other's limits or lack of desire to do curb your enthusiasm. Create your list and make it happen. You may just be the encouragement for others around you to elevate their living!

Be intentional and go after YOUR rich life!


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