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Book It: Cabins

Booking a home away from home is an amazing getaway that is enjoyable year round! While you can find various types of rentals listed on the same sites, HOW you shop differs depending on the type chosen.

What fees can you expect with a cabin?

  • A nightly rental rate ( taxes will be additional)

  • A cleaning fee

  • A damage/ Incidental fee (if you go through a third party, it may be optional But trust me, you'll want it!- good to be on the safe side)

What festivities are cabins great for?

  • Father's Day/ Mother's Day getaways

  • Fishing trips

  • Marriage and Couple's Retreats

  • "Unplugged" Weekends

I have found that booking directly with the cabin owner or company is the best way to avoid additional service fees and keep an open line of communication during the stay of your trip. You could afford more cabin simply by saving that money in fees. Communication is also greatly important as you don't get the address right away yet you may desire to book activities and create itineraries that include places in close proximity.


  • Get info on the incline and how steep the drive is. Always remember: The more spectacular the view, the higher the cabin. So, consider this if accessibility is a concern.

  • Review the list of all that's provided to ensure you pack all you may additionally need. Most cabins provide a starter pack of kitchen/cleaning items and bedding. Feel free to bring your own (if you're extra like me, ha, ha!!)

  • Read all paperwork! There are often many clauses that relate to promptness in reporting issues in order for you to be released of liability.

  • If planning a group trip, create a timeline for all fees at least two weeks before the rental's given deadline to avoid issues and possible losing deposits.

  • Create meal plan and cooking rotation (and shop...door dash will be a struggle for most locations, lol), establish a daily itinerary and bring electronic-free fun as most places have horrible reception; which on the flip side makes for good human connection (the point, lol).

When booking, look to see if there are food festivals, fishing events and multi-activity passes, as these are often available!

A cabin is a great choice for all age groups and really yields a one of a kind experience. We are currently booking for Father's Day and I'm excited for the German men to have a great time connecting as fathers and sons. Be sure to reference this post before booking your next cabin experience as it will help the process go so much smoother. Hey, the more you know, right?! Here's to another memory loading!


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