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Gifting Dad

Father's Day is right around the corner (June 20) and it's a great time to give from our abundance of love and appreciation for them! Over the years, I've learned how to be intentional in gift-giving. Gifting is more about the individual than what is marketed as the "perfect gift" for specific holidays. Your father, husband or brother are unique and deserve a gift reflective of that! Knowing what to gift him may take some creativity and persistence but I've got you covered with a guide!

"Peek in his Interests"

This is a great way to find a gift he's sure to like! Does he love the outdoors? Enjoy live music? Have a collection? This is a perfect place to start as it gifts him more of what fulfills him. This also creates an opportunity to gift "experience". A couple year ago, we gifted a fishing weekend to my husband, his dad and brothers. It was bonding adventure they still speak of today. If you plan ahead (#simplifyandorganize), you can create a time of renewal and fun for your loved one! Great outdoor experience are : white water rafting, boating, fishing, vineyards with ATV tracks, camping and hiking.

"5 Senses"

What does he enjoy eating? watching? listening to? What's his favorite scent? These kinds of gifts are often underestimated often because of the presentation. Choose to think outside the box and make it special. These are gifts that show you're listening and you recognize what matters to him. Don't we all want to be seen by those we love?! Purchase additional books from his favorite author or get a personal message written, start him a vinyl collection of his own (if he loves music and blues vintage), create a "him only" space (even if it's a small area in the home, the gesture will go a long way), hire a chef to cook his favorite meal (vs. the crowds and impersonal service) or purchase tickets to an expo for his favorite show (meet and greats are awesome!).

"Now and forever"

This is for the king who has everything. Most of us have at least one of him in our families. For me, its my dad! Choose from the two above and get creative with a way to personalize the gifts. Giving him more of what he already loves with an intentional act attached will win every time! Important dates, things he's said that positively impacted your life or special items that instantly recreate beautiful past memories will touch him.

Don't be afraid to think outside of the box this holiday.

Whatever choice you make in gifting him, I hope he feels loved and appreciated for all he does! Happy Father's Day Guru Family!


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