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Flight School

While chatting about a family vacation recently, I realized that while the World seems full of hustle and bustle and hopping a plane is the norm for my crew, the reality is, many people do not fly, have never flown or don't fly frequently. As shocking as that may sound, I took a poll and to my surprise, more than 25% of people who voted, fell into this category.

I started thinking about my first experience (so much a changed post September 11th...) and more recently, helping my husband navigate his first flight 8+ years ago (now this corporate GOAT rakes in the miles! Lol). I remembered the nerves, confusion and just how overwhelming it can feel when you're unfamiliar. While every airport and carrier is different, for me, the same rules apply when it comes smooth travel: Easy wear, completing your PRE's proactively and Carry-on success!

Before we discuss anything further, I want to get a couple things off my chest:

  1. Spirit is NOT always the cheapest flight. Further, unless you going naked and without belongings, look elsewhere. Lol, but seriously...

  2. The only REAL runway at the airport has your plane on it and is formally called the apron; act accordingly. Lol, sheesh!

Moving on...

What to wear

While your personal style is always the move, what you wear to the airport can make or break your experience as the race begins to get to your terminal. What I've learned:

  1. Less is best; keep it short and sweet on the layers!

  2. Always wear/pack socks

  3. Watch your metals

  4. Wear shoes that easy on/off and compression socks

Early Bird gets the worm!

Taking the time to check-in to your flight the day before can make all the difference indoor experience at the airport the following day. If you are choosing a carrier that does not have assigned seats, checking in at the beginning of the check-in window will gain you earlier boarding privileges. Pre-checking bags and alerting of health issues, etc can assist the carrier in better serving your needs and being available to you upon your arrival.

Overhead bins and carry ons

The overhead bins are available over your seat to provide extra storage for the items you need to carry on. Be mindful that there is ideally one bag per seat accommodated. Being that many attendants don't assist with these as they used to, be sure "if you bring, you can lift". Any items placed in these bins should be secured in a bag that provides minimal movement.

Bonus: For most carriers, car seats and wheel chairs are checked free. ALSO, if you are using a small stroller, Check it on the plane so that you can use it to transport your child to the gate with ease if flying with little ones!

There are so many learning curves to flying. These are the beginner basics that will assist in a positive experience. Socially, I'll be sharing how to read your ticket, where to get assistance once you're at the airport and how to use parking options. We'll get through it together! Before you know it, you'll be racking up miles, too! Be sure to follow on social platforms @guruwhoknew

For the seasoned flyer: Can we please stop standing as soon as the plane lands??? We can all get off expeditiously this way. Ugh, lol...

Enjoy flying the friendly skies everyone!


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