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Warm weather meals!

This season is my absolute favorite for dining. It’s simple, effortless and often cuts the fluff (which is needed after the quarantine life we’ve all lived), lol. During the Summer, my focus is mainly on protein and veggies as fresh produce is abundantly (and consistently) gooood!! You?!

Creating a meal doesn’t have to be a daunting task and can still be under thirty minutes. Yes, it still requires a little prep and willingness to master delicious Summer meals.

Grill it!

Keep the house cool and elevate the flavor by turning up the heat on the grill! Grilled food is probably one of my favorite things to eat. Being a pit master isn't mandatory to create tasty eats. Getting a quality grill, proper utensils and learning control with temperatures will set you up for greatness every time. We prefer charcoal grills and use a charcoal cup to evenly distribute heat to the coals to guarantee even cooking. Cook your veggies and proteins together to enjoy the grilled taste the entire meal.


A marinade goes a long way! It's a great way to infuse flavor while retaining moisture. Made by combining dry ingredients with a wet base, they can be used of various foods and left over night for added intensity. Note: If you desire to marinate foods for longer, consider an oil and your moist ingredient. Soy sauce and other high sodium liquids will make your food incredibly salty if left for too long. 15-20 mins is perfect for this method.

Creative Lettuce

Most of us love our greens but eating them can become boring if we don't shake things up. If you are prepping a salad, try a wedge or chopped salad. The visual interest will make it fun to eat! Add color/variety while using your greens as a bed for new veggies for the family to try.

Simple and tasty can are often the best meals. Staying hydrated with food that are going to power our bodies to play all day is what it's al about. I'll be sharing simple Summer meals each week in July to give you some tasty ideas. Happy Eating!


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