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Rack to Wardrobe: A Closet Revamp

A couple of months back, I put one coat too many on the rack in my closet and casually walked away. While vacuuming a rug, I suddenly hear a huge snap and collapse only to run in and find a whole half of my closet laying on the ground. I was immediately crushed and reluctantly put "new rail" on my "to shop" list to remedy the catastrophe.

While preparing to fix the rail, I thought to myself... "Alexas, why replace the closet you hate with the same?! Invest and create the closet you want but missed out on." This little thought baby quickly turned into a thing and it was full steam ahead from there!

Creating a system

I chose to go with the IKEA pax closet system as it crossed off all of the asterisks on my wish list in an ideal closet. They recently came out with a beautiful, creamy beige color option and it immediately sold me. IKEA has a design/visualizer on their site for closets and kitchens, however, I chose to take my chances and design the system myself. I am more of an hands on developer, so figuring out the puzzle is often my preference. Beautiful AND affordable??... What more could a girl ask for?!

All IKEA pax system pieces come in three widths as well as four heights options. You will want to take the time to properly measure the space that you intend to put all of the pieces in. Once you have measured the space, the next step is deciding which frames will fit wall-to-wall (if you are desiring a built in look). Pull out your calculators and begin configuring!

Once you have ordered your pieces, the prep work begins. If you are replacing a closet system or areas with pre existing shelving, You must remove lower paneling (to align flush with the wall) and ensure that you have patched all holes, removed all nails and sanded any rigid areas. If you intend to paint, this will be your next step.

After painting, I assembled all frames and installed them. For extra security and aesthetic enhancement, I added caulk on all wall-to-frame seams. To elevate the built-in look, I also purchased trim/moulding from local home improvement store. Using my brad nailer, I installed the cut and measured moulding to the top of the system creating a beautiful e casement that makes the closet system look as if it came with the house. Baybeeee!! This was the perfect finishing touch to create a floor to ceiling high-end closet. Trust me, it makes all the difference! You will want to caulk and paint moulding/trim to match the closet system. Bonus: Take a piece of your system to your home improvement store and let them match color. This will be for the walls AND trim/moulding.

Now, the fun begins!...

Deciding on the proper inserts for your system are based on YOUR needs. Assess your clothing inventory and selects shelving, drawers and rails according to your findings. Tip: all drawers and divided areas should be separated by a shelf. This elevates the look and creates finished spaces within the closet structure. If you have minimal walking space, choosing to keep an open concept may be ideal while doors can create a boutique appearance. It's all up to you and your things!

I chose to purchase a runner, add seating and upgrade the lighting to finish off the look. Now, let's tally: a twin of the closet I created easily costs $8,795 before added decor. I was able to create magic at $2,560 (and I absolutely did the most with drawers and inserts, lol- you can create for less)! Doing it yourself can often yield extreme savings! #winning

I could not be more pleased with this project. My closet has quickly become my favorite aspect of my master bedroom! Master bath! You're next!! Video tour soon come!-xo


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