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Guest Quarters

The holidays that host high quantities of family and friends are upon us! Preparing for this busy yet often exciting time can feel stressful but doesn't have to be. The key is planning and preparation. you know, #simplifyandorganize :)

The 3 keys areas to tackle are:

  • Quantity

  • Comfort

  • Care


You want to plan for those expected with additional for the unexpected. Get an accurate count of guests you intend paired with a timeline for each length of stay. These assessments will allow you to adequately grocery shop, effectively purchase linens and have enough extras to go around. Once you've tallied, it's time to shop and prepare!


Providing additional toiletries, linens and small snacks are an amazing feature for spaces your guests will be occupying within the home. Think about it... How many times have you traveled and forgot makeup wipes or your beloved toothpaste? How many time have you wanted a little snacked-snack and the kitchen was closed (non-verbal communication, lol)? The party has been over but you still want to stay up and watch movies and such. Yep, we all live the same life, lol.

Providing toiletries, snacks, wifi codes/loading tv apps and additional comforts is a win for everyone; it ensures your guests have a pleasant experience while maintaining your processes with limited interuption. We all know how stressful it can feel when you are trying to be accommodating and preserve your nerves simultaneously, lol. Even the best things

require a break at times.


I've spoken on providing toiletries, linens, etc but your question is likely, " what should the contents be?" Care will cover your lists of "what goes in".

For toiletries, purchase a medium-sized basket with handles that can go bedside or counter top! Add:

Soap (opt for sensitive skin or natural options if you are unsure)

Oral hygiene- toothpaste, travel mouthwash& floss. Keep toothbrushes stored in your back stock just in case also.

Body care- lotions, makeup removers, sanitizer, wash cloths and hand towels.

Snacks- I always opt for grains/crackers, mixed nuts and bottled water. It's always a hit! Don't forget something sweet!

It's also nice to provide a laundry sack (disposable or woven) and extra towels. Your guest will be so appreciative of you going the extra mile and their visit will definitely feel more seamless!

With all the hustle and bustle the holidays bring, taking the guesswork out of hosting is a big win! Share this post with a friend and let's all be set and ready for holiday cheer!


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