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Holiday Fun Unloaded: Part 1

The holidays are a hectic time but you simply can't have the hustle and bustle without the fun! After all, the fun should be one of the biggest components! Don't let time slip away...start planning today! Where to?!

Ice Skating

Many “live/work/play” areas and large malls transform their large spaces into ice skating rinks during the holidays! You can locate pricing, hours and themed event hours on their sites. Often, weekdays will be the most cost effective and will have fewer crowds; a win for magical photo ops!

Ornament hunt

I recycle and reuse all of our ornaments. This is the most cost effective way to create beautiful trees year after year. A way to still create the excitement with decorating the tree without spending a fortune every year for a complete overhaul is to allow each family member to pick out one special ornament each year. We go to our favorite retails and hunt for the perfect ornament, even if it means a couple stops for each person to find something they love. It actually has become more magical as the years continue. The kids often reminisce on the age they bought the ornament and why they chose it that year. It's a beautiful time!

Drive thru lights

There are so many locations that create beautiful light displays during this time of year. Many are drive thru and some are walkthrough with an enhanced experience yielding games, sweets and sips as well as outdoor movies! Grab your blankets and stay a while. You'll love this outdoor fun!

County Crafting

Custom craft your holiday experience by filling the calendar with activities provided by your county/city. Talk about easy planning without really lifting a finger... well, only to pencil it in! Drive up movies, Christmas crafts, plays, holiday festivals, Christmas tree lightings, etc are all put on by your local government EVERY year! Utilize these offerings to fill in the blanks where you find extra time for fun. Often, these activities are no or low cost. Early arrival is best to get a full experience!

Happy Holidays to you and yours! Only 11 days until Christmas!


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