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Holiday Family Jam!!

The holidays are right around the corner and this year, we have life (literally) to celebrate! I get so many questions on matching family holiday pajamas, so I decided to make sure we’re all on the same page and win at this pajama puzzle! Note: on the “savings savvy” tab of the site, I have listed the best places to land some cute jams (at great prices) for the fam!

Three pointers that you want to always keep in mind are:


Timing Is everything when getting cute jams for the fam. If you start shopping in July, you may land some amazing steals from the previous holiday season. If you miss out, don’t worry! SAVE money to grab the left over apparel directly after the holidays to get the same deal. This also gives you a head start on the year ahead.

For regular purchasing of holiday pajamas, you’ll want to secure your selections by September 30th to get the best styles and ensure sizes for the whole family, including your pooch are available!

Sizing & Availability

You should plan to purchase wherever sizing is available to accommodate everyone in the family. Plus size, tall and petite availability can sometimes be a factor in executing perfect holiday style that everyone feels festive and comfortable in. Don’t leave anyone out! Do your research. (Stop by “savings savvy” tab to find retailers listed with their individual advantages.)

Holiday Decoration

Pictures, pictures, pictures, folks!!! When selecting your pajama style/pattern, consider the decoration you intend to use throughout your space. By making sure your pajamas (and any other holiday wear) coordinate with your home‘s theme, you ensure the pictures to come will be perfect; cutting out the guesswork for an amazingly smooth Holiday season.

See, that was painless, right?!

if you haven’t already, but plan to give matching a go this year, consider these tips while getting everything together. You’ll be happy you did!


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