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Closet Deposits

If I were to pick any closet within your home, what would I find inside? Chances are, it would be everything BUT what should be. I find closets are the most improperly used space in the home. I have been guilty of (and still if I'm honest) using closets as a catch-all or "the abyss" (out of sight and out of mind). Who else is brave enough to admit this?

Maintenance is the most important component to ANYTHING we acquire.

If you are dumping (never to revisit), I hate to break it to you but it's time to let go of the items or consolidate for maximum utilization. A closet is for storage and organized placement for items that you use but don't desire to be visible upon first glance.

A step further...

We often use closets as they come vs. revamping them to fit our needs. Even in an apartment, you can make customizations and put the standard wire/ wood rack that most receive back upon departure or if your needs change! So, it's worth it to make the space work for you!

Decisions, Decisions

First, decide what you desire to use the space for. Make a list of all you desire to store in the space. Take your measurements and decide if the space configurations will work as is or if changes need to take place. Once you've done the proper assessments, its time to assemble a working closet!


Great storage can perform most of the work for you in the space. choosing a shelving unit is a wonderful option when desiring to avoid making holes and dealing with leveling; this can elevate most hassle and simplify the transformation. If you decide to install bins additionally, ensure that they never go over the lip (end) of chosen shelving.

Daily habits

Once you have rated a working space, conscious effort each day is needed to ensure the space is being used, kept tidy and being filled with ONLY what it was designed to hold. Is this a forever work? Yes. Is it a great initiative? Double yes!

Even when we aren't the tidiest as people, in general, none of us enjoy looking for things when needed. Set yourself up for success and it will be easy to stick to!

Start where you are, with the goal of creating an efficient home perfect for you!


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