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Home Organization Kickstart

Keeping your home efficient and easily maintained is a task that never ends. As activities, needs and interests change, as will your home! I have learned that keeping my home organized is the key to better time management and awareness of resources for the whole family. It also assists me in shopping timely as I can see home inventory at a glance; no rummaging and hunts required, ha, ha! (In case you didn't catch it, YES, you should have inventory!)

The best ways to kickstart your organization journey requires effort beyond purchasing storage. If you don't have a system, the storage systems will never win. Buying specifically what you need will ensure you aren't over spending and will assist you in finding the perfect fit for item(s) that need to be stored. You can't accomplish this without first having a plan. How do we get started?

Acknowledge your needs

Take the time to write down a quick list of all that needs storage and/or a system. Also, write down items that you use frequently throughout your home to create an inventory shopping list if you don't currently keep additional supplies. Once you have your current list, list all of the opportunities for storage throughout your space. This will help you decide on the type o system that will be sustainable. Ex: You wouldn't buy large storage totes for 36 sq ft closet, right?! Right! So, knowing what you have to work with is a good first step in selecting storage.

Bin binge

Now it's time to select your winning team! My favorite places to purchase storage/ organization systems are TJMaxx, At Home, Target and if I'm doing the most and being fancy, the Container Store!

Ask yourself questions like:

Do I need lids?

What type of items am I storing?

Do they need to be stackable?

Do I want a certain color per space or to keep it consistent throughout the home?


This will singlehandedly free your household from rummaging! Labeling bins/storage will make anything easy to find for all. I first started out getting custom labels made but quickly realized it wasn't cost effective. My favorite place to grab quality labels at the moment is Amazon; specifically Talented Kitchen brand! There may be some that you don't use but you get SO MANY for under $15. You can store them for later use or share with friends that can use them. Get everything labeled and stored!

Special Announcement

Now, its time to share the good news if you have a love or a house full! Give a tour and explain Where to find and what they'll find. It may be rocky at the start but you will be so inspired by how everyone will take to the new change. It feels good to know where things are! If you have an assortment of items in one bin, go the extra mile and type up what can be found in each. Keep it in a small binder for everyone to refer to. Note: I'll be writing about the MANual soon! It initially started to help my husband but this is great for EVERYONE; us ladies included, kids or no kids because MENTAL overload is a thing and like most things, I don't have anymore passwords left in me, lol. So, I can't create a new password, dog. No, I don't remember the kids pediatrician at times... Ha, ha!!!

Hopefully, you are inspired to get organized and simplify life in this way. Have a great rest of the week!


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