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Home Improvements: The "Weekend Kickback"

Whether you are a new homebuyer or years in, you quickly realize upkeep and maintenance is an ever-constant task when owning your place. The list can seem to never end and can become overwhelming as the roster keeps rolling. I used to make list and try to recreate a whole HGTV segment only to get frustrated and accomplish nothing. While certain projects require a whole production, there are many things you can do over the weekend that can help you continue to cross tasks off your list to aid in completing the bigger tasks! I'm calling shotgun on tackling this new weekend kickback aka home improvements. Here's your list, Let's get started:

Painting and Touch-ups

This is one of the biggest tasks most tackle on a weekend vibe! Painting is a low cost (in the scheme of things) project with dramatic results! While we love blessing the walls, we often forget about the trim and baseboards!! A trim and baseboard retouch can provide freshness and a feel of newness to your dwelling! Be sure to clean your surfaces gently for optimal paint adherence. Tip: Use magic erase for trim and baseboards. It works like a charm!!!


Caulk is something that wears over time and needs an update! I review and re-caulk as need once a year to keep everything fresh. Always triple check front doors and windows. these areas are the first to unpeel or lift. While tedious, this weekend project protects you indoors from the elements of the great outdoors. Skill level is easy and there are many options from caulk guns to a simple handheld squeeze tube fore small areas.

I also add sealants in the caulking category as you can get this all done in a weekend. If you have granite or natural stone in your home, resealing once a year preserves beauty and protects stone from cracks, nicks and discoloration. Once you complete the sealant, caulk (with clear) where the stone meets other materials for optimal results.

Weather Proofing

Small spaces around windows and doorways can increase your cooling and heating cost while also giving pests (bugs) a way in! Take a couple hour on the weekend and fill all spaces under windows with a window putty and install weather stripping between door jams. Items to complete this project are less than $10 and will save costs in the log run.

Leaks no more!

Over time faucets, toilets and doorways (leading to the outdoors) can begin to leak due to he need for new parts! Before you call a professional, give it a go. Many "leaky" projects can be completed within 1 hr. but save you a lot of money in the long run. When there is a leak in your home, if will become a big problem if not solved quickly. If your faucet leaks, try replacing and oiling the washer inside of the neck. If your trim starts to leak from a rainy day, Check the wood for loose areas, refasten and caulk the area for a seamless fix!

New floor, New Attitude

Choosing to install new flooring in a room or two in your home can easily be a weekend projects creating lasting results. This task requires prep and planning but is totally doable in less time than you think. Measure your room, buy supplies and start early! Flooring is the foundation of a beautiful home. Sometimes an update is in order as life is bound to happen. Scuffs, wear and tear or simply a new design direction can all call for new flooring! Example: If you chose a laminate flooring a box cutter and steady hand will help you create magic and you will surprise yourself with the outcome! Love your floor but still want newness?! Find an amazing new rug!

Organization Station

This one is huge when it comes to accessibility in your home. Organizing your dwelling can aid in keeping necessities handy. Installing extra shelving for a growing closet, creating a wall station for cleaning products or even creating a container for new items in the house can make your home more tidy and reduce wear and tear structurally as everything has its own place. Look for ways to reinvent a cluttered area by designing a system custom for your; whether in the kitchen of bedrooms!

Hardware, Lighting and Fixtures!

These are my favorite projects and are so gratifying! Replacing a faucet can change the whole look of your bathroom or kitchen and new chandeliers can make your home super chic! These weekend improvements can be easily accomplished with a little elbow grease and safety. Two things:

If you are replacing a faucet , SHUT OFF THE WATER directly under your sink!

If you are replacing lighting, SHUT OFF POWER AT THE CIRCUIT BOX in your home!

For lighting, the cords are color coated for easy matching and require small effort to create a masterpiece! All of these projects are easily accomplished as a weekend activity. Get the whole family involved! before you know it, you be able to care for your home seamlessly while building a whole group of DIY'ers! What's gonna be your next project?! Share with me and be featured!

I am not a professional and you should seek the advice of a licensed contractor before doing any improvements to your home!

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