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Debunk the Junk!: Closet Edition

At one point, our closets were becoming a dumping ground for life. Personal belongings, household items without a home and even trash were accumulating in spaces meant for storage and organization. Sound familiar?! We are a judge free zone here... you can be honest! While closets can hide a lot of dysfunction, they are capable of effectively assisting you with keeping it all together! Most times, where to start can be the most difficult part. Every time I goal myself to organize a closet, I always make sure these components are a part of every design:


I use the bins to organize small items that are of frequent use. Having the bins is also great to utilize as a “lost and found” for the household.


Storage cubes work great for closed and small areas. Shoes, files, etc can all find a home here. Tip: instead of allowing shoes to pile up at the door, have a cube organizer in a closet nearby for everyone to chunk their shoes. This is guaranteed to prevent a few headaches, ha, ha!


Jackets, hooded towels, bags, backpack and more can be easily stored. getting as much as you can off the floor can instantly increase the beauty and neatness of your closet.

These items will immediately create structure for any space whether small or large! Organizing closets first when you are decluttering and reorganizing your home will always yield more insight on how you can better use your space. While this is “duh“ for some, we often forget to return to the simplicity of things when life gets hectic. We then forget ways that make it work, hence creating a new normal that prohibits us from operating at our very best. It’s time to win in every area! Cabinets (kitchen) are up next in this series. Stay tuned !!


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