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The Pantry Puzzle

Organizing the pantry can be a tricky one as it is a high traffic area. We buy food to eat it, not to just beautifully store it, right?! The quantity of items fluctuates, there are often new introductions when you’re trying new foods and often different hands grabbing. It’s not set up to win, ha, ha!! We can, however, create the organize area desire that’s functional and neat (with a splash of pretty)! Getting started was the hardest part did me as I has to really assess my family’s use and come up with a system that would work for their habits. First thing’s first, they aren’t great about putting things back EXACTLY the way they got it. Figures, Stephen and the mini Stephens live here, ha, ha!!! Honestly, there’s some me in there too when I’m in a serious rush! As a family, we dont always put thing back immediately right.

If you become inspired by this post and recreate your pantry with the ability to make it even better because it isn’t a zoo, the whole family is OCD or it‘s just you, I’ll be giving you a round of applause, lol!! I love beauty but practicality and functionality more.

Getting started:

Select your liners

Many choose paper liners, but I chose PVC plastic/plastic liners to go into the cabinets. I like plastic/PVC liners because they are easily washable and they can easily be shaken out if there is a spill. The benefit of liners in your cabinets is protection for your wood surfaces from warping and permanent stains.

Choose your storage

This one is definitely a lifestyle preference. My family kinda lives by organized chaos, ha, ha!! I chose white bins from The Container Store as they are opaque and came in a variety of sizes. These are also prrfect for labels and because of their functionality, can be repurposed again and again! I went with black labels!

Create a system

Creating a system based on patterns and accessibility is going to benefit you the most. Breakfast time for us is when pantry traffic is the busiest. Everyone is a chef in the morning, lol. Separating breakfast and creating an area specifically designated to those foods has been a great help in keeping items organized.

I’m nearing completion and can’t wait to share the pantry with you!


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