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Minimal effort, BIG statement!

With Christmas right around the corner, trees are going up!! It's such an exciting time, yet creating a beautiful magazine-worthy tree can prove to be time consuming, costly and nerve-wracking.

I'm all about getting the biggest bang for your buck and Christmas tree decor HAS to fall within the same guidelines. I decorated many a tree, both professionally and my home, and have learned a thing or two about what works. You can create a gorgeous tree and experience fullness without 1,000 ornaments. My favorite tree filler has to be Christmas picks!

They come in a variety of sprigs, berries, florals, branches and novelty items perfect for enhancing your theme. Michels, Joann's and Target are my favorite places to grab these!

Garlands are another great space filler that adds texture to your holiday tree. Garlands come in the form of beads, wood, glitter stemmed branches, jewel/pearl combos and more. Take a trip to these stores and explore to create your own style!

Another big key for ornaments is to buy a variation of sizes, textures and shapes. This adds dimension to your tree and can easily camouflage areas with sparse branches.

I will be sharing my tree this week with a list of my items and where they were found! I can't wait to see everyone's festive homes as Christmas approaches!


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