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From a House to a Home: A place for everything! (Part 2)

Organization can breathe new life into your home! It will single-handedly give your home a beautiful pick me up. From early on, my mom would say, “everything needs a place in your space.” It was annoying to hear then but I completely endorse it now. She was right! Two things need to happen to accomplish this goal:

Understand your flow

Take a couple days to evaluate you and/or your family’s behaviors. Pay special attention to shoe pile ups, clothing drops and high traffic areas overall. As you assess, write down items that will remedy the issues that you find and will keep the space tidy. Example: Places where shoes tend to pile, look for sleek shoe storage that doesn’t interfere with the overall aesthetic of the room. Hidden storage ottomans are a great place to put toys and frequently used electronics in popular family spots! Retailers like HomeGoods and At Home are great places to find what I like to call “quirky genius finds” that improve your home’s functionality and organization.

Note: Always consider the shape of bins/storage and measure areas where items will go to ensure permanence and optimal use.”

Upgrade parade

Go through your home and update small items that you don’t normally pay attention to. Is that switch plate missing screws? Do you need new door knobs that can better stand against rough pullers? Is the trash can serving the family or is remnants of last nights dinner decorating the walls and floor? Crazy questions, I know, but real life nonetheless...Who can relate? When you replace what does not serve, you instantly increase the longevity of the beauty you are preparing to put in your home. Make a weekend of it and get the whole family involved. It sounds minor, but small improvements make BIG change in visual appeal. Think about it: have you ever went home shopping? What were your eyes drawn to? Fixtures and small items! They can make the difference in your space looking chic and neat or rundown. You might have to leave the heavy lifting to contractors and may not be able to install flooring but you CAN definitely be a pro at small fixes!

We are now ready to set up the space! “Part 3” is going to be about just that. Wall treatments and ”painting do’s” are also upcoming. Yes, I’m going to discuss the batten wall (per multiples requests : )) Stay tuned! Your house is about to become an amazing home!


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