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Your home for the holidays!

It's that time, everyone! The Holidays!!! For many, it's their favorite time of the year. Family, parties and pumpkin spice and peppermint everything...a most wonderful time of the year! For me, décor that is easy to incorporate into my preexisting home design is my go to in order to minimize the transition and "put-back" after the holidays. When you always keep your home's current color palette and layout in mind, it's easy master this! Take a tip or two for your upcoming holiday decoration ideas!

Glorious Trees

This is your biggest masterpiece during the holidays and where you really shine. Deciding the room in your home where the tree will be displayed should be based on your desired décor. Choosing this way ensures that all your pictures including the tree will be perfectly appointed and magazine ready! Choose shatter-proof balls and adornments that go match OR coordinate with the room's fabulousness!

Bowls, Trays and Baskets

We all have them; bowls for the keys, trays for remotes and baskets for blankets... Adding a festive blanket in your bin or throwing a festive orb in your tray already full of them creates small enchantments in every area of the home without investing a fortune to bring in holiday magic.

Throws and Pillows

There are always seasonal textiles and pillows during each season of the year. Make it a point to purchase a pillow or throw that coordinated with room colors throughout your home, so that you don't have to do an overhaul due to the lack of cohesiveness in the rooms. TIP ALERT: Planning ahead is always best. Start you wish list and as soon as a season is over purchase gets you the best deal on gorgeous textiles from all the fab retailers!

No Holes

I repeat NO holes!! When the top of the new year comes along you will regret every hole that looked nice when it was covered with garland, stockings, etc. Use command strips for hanging and look into free standing items to avoid damage. Purchasing items such as stocking hooks will avoid nails in the fireplace and provide continuous hold where a sticky strip may loosen and fall after time due to weight. The have so many different designs making your holiday décor more personalized.

Themes, Bows, Ribbons and Gifts

Coordinate your wrapping paper and bows with the décor of the tree to eliminate the need for props for photos and keep the theme going. If you bulk purchase red, white, silver and gold paper, you will likely not be in the market for paper for quite some time. This allows you to focus on unique bows and trinkets to your new holiday vibe utilizing items from the previous season. When it comes to place settings with all the frills, choose napkin rings glass embellishments, etc. that can be a general use. Key colors and textures is what it's all about!

Save time, energy and a few bucks using tips to make the holidays at your home as whimsical as your mind can create! Happy Holidays!

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