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Throw it in the bag!

Every body loves a good bag...there's no mystery there. Whether its a beautiful leather messenger bag, fanny pack or roomy handbag, we love great storage! When you carry life on your side, functionality is the key to #winning. I feel as though I've have mastered purchasing useful bags and always look for space, durability and convenience. So you can imagine how my mind was blown when I walked into Steve Madden a couple weeks ago...

I was there to help a friend find a nice bag for an upcoming trip. She didn't want to take a lot, due to it being a turn-around trip and wanted a bag that could hold two days of life inside. I was up to the challenge! You know, me being the "Guru" and all, ha, ha!! After going to what seemed like a bazillion stores (it really was like 3, but I'm dramatic, so...) we strolled into Steve Madden as a last stitch effort. My eyes zeroed in on the most multifunctional and chic bag I have seen to date!!!! Yes, she's the "Queen B(ag)" and I fell instantly in love! Original Price at $108, the bag has pockets galore, it's a roomy backpack style and it has a detachable fanny pack that can double as a chic shoulder bag. Can you say 3-in-1?! This beautiful bag ended up being only $27 after tax due to their sale with an extra discount!! My "Savings Queen" crown got one more jewel for this one. I'm a mom, so practicality is top on my list. Being sure that I'm not going to melt like the wicked witch of the west in sadness and anger due to a juice box spilling all over a beloved bag is the way to go, lol. Value, beauty and function is my recipe. Oh yeah, my friend bought one, too! Sorry, I got a little side tracked, ha, ha! This newest bag is perfect and sometimes finding the right bag can be a challenge. Here's my 3-step guideline to finding your perfect bag.

Assess your inventory

Go through your closet and take an inventory of all the bags you currently own. Assess why you do or don't carry them. For the reasons that you don't, jot down features you need in your next bag to avoid it living in the closet. Ex: If it doesn't make to a night on the town because it's too small, be sure to write down the need for a more spacious bag. Once you have evaluated all that you currently own, decide whether you desire a similar bag or a wild card.

Statement or Survival

While your bag can be both, you must decide what you desire it for most. Sprucing up your wardrobe is all about a statement piece while trying to find a bag to fit makeup, snacks and a notebook in is survival. Make your decision prior to shopping to avoid purchasing another bag that doesn't fit your needs and ends up being tossed to the back of the closet. Side note: We DO NOT waste around here! If you find that the bag is not for you after you've purchased, take it right back and continue the hunt. When looking for a statement piece, be sure to keep in mind the color palette of your closet to ensure endless wear. Look for embellishments, patterns, texture and unique features when grabbing that "wow" bag.

Commit to Custom're fancy, huh?! If you're deciding to drop the big bucks on a bag of any sort, consider you choices. Be sure that you have needs and wants are accommodated in the bag before making any custom orders. If you aren't 100% sure, purchased the bag as is and test it out. Once you've confirmed your choice, return to the retailer to get the ball rolling on custom changes. Many high end brands will gladly send your bag in for the changes and return it back to you upon completion.

Overall, making conscious purchases for what fits your lifestyle is always the move. When it's the perfect fit, it's easier to just throw it in the bag!


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