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Shady Queen!

I used to struggle with finding sunglasses that were cute yet "mom-friendly" so often that I gave up wearing them all together. The kids would break them, they’d get lost in the shuffle and quickly become severely scratched. I would wait for Nordstrom, Dillards and Bloomies to have a sale to grab high end sunglasses at deep discounts. Was it saving? Yes. Could I do better? Yes. Why? Because even at deep discounts, it would hurt my heart when a pair was broken. I realized they needed to be gas station prices for me to be ok with their swift departure, ha, ha!!

Guess what?! I found the best of both worlds; cute and a steal! Where are the best inexpensive sunnies??!

and small boutiques! my favorite is Shaded by the Queen!

There are so many options available that don’t sacrifice personal style! Two pair that I keep in rotation right now are:

Why get your sunglasses game together???

They are ESSENTIAL for pulling yourself together for quick store runs, errands, eye treatment/skincare days, etc year-round. A popping' lip and cute sunnies... you're all set! If you're starting or restarting your collection, you should definitely start with a:

a. mirrored

b. a nude ombre

c. oversized black

d. metal-rimmed aviator

These styles will go with most of everything and have versatility in look depending on your fit!

What are some of your style go to’s?


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