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Slide out!

I view slides as the perfect transitional shoe when going from Summer to early Fall. It's also a grab n' go staple! I slip them on for quick errands and casual outings alike!

Finding slides that have elevated style worthy of wearing beyond poolside can feel like more effort than we'd probably like to put into it but I have found when slides are good, they're gooood!! They'll keep giving and giving if you keep a few things in mind.

What are my rules on slides:

  • Don't spend too much; set a budget and stick to it!

  • Look for visual interest when shopping

  • Go for styles that cover half of the foot (because there's nothing worse that your foot not feeling secure and clunking around, lol)

  • Choose style that are versatile and will go with many pieces in your wardrobe!

Who has the styles we need? (my faves that rarely miss!)

Sporty- Fitflop and Birkenstock

Chic- Dolce Vita and Sam Edelman

Razzle & Dazzle- Steve Madden

If you have to choose 3, what would they be?

A black, cognac and wild card (blinged , beaded or studded)

The best time to purchase slides and sandals is happening in the coming weeks (heavy on the next 3 weeks) as store prepare to display cool weather shoes, boots and clothing. Don't miss out on your window of opportunity to score some beauties!

A wardrobe is built over time when you desire to get the most for your investment! Happy shopping! Who makes your favorite sandal or slide? Share and be featured!


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