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Kid Styling: Mitch n' Match, lol.

Fine, I'll say it right... mix and match. Booo, you're no fun, ha, ha!!!

Warm weather is upon us and time for fun to commence! Clothing should be easy, comfortable and budget-friendly for kids as the thrills and spills will be abundant. "Mix and match" pieces are the best route to take! Many retailers carry collections with an abundance of option and are super cute! This is the move because:

Get all the variations

I found the cutest short sets for #GabbyMack and they came with sweaters as an option. Tip: Get the sweater and the leggings, should they have it. The sweaters can be used longer and extend to create multiple styling/layering choices. Usually a collection will come with shorts, skirts, tees, a top (a little more pizazz than the basic tee), dresses and s light jacket/sweater. Getting all the pieces can give you at least four outfits in one AND makes wardrobe changes for a baby/toddler an easier process.

Bang for your buck!

Most of these collections range from $4-$8 each piece and accommodates ALL children's size ranges. I do mix and match for both Gabrielle (size 18m) and Joshua (10-12) for everyday wear. For older children, there are an abundance of tees and pull-on shorts perfect for park hopping and chalk murals. Furthermore, it's easy economical styling for Summer portraits and family matching! Add accessories and you're golden! When you don't spend a fortune, you can giggle a little over the occasional ketchup stain or mud pie.

Gabrielle is wearing a set from Target that was $8 for both top and bottom! #winning

Make your pint-sized styling as easy as a Sunday morning and grab some "Mitch-match" sets, lol.


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