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The Recycled Party

My parties, especially my children's parties, have always been a production. Why?! Because I just can't do simple...

I would spend a small fortune every time I hosted a shindig before realizing there were a number of items I could reuse to save a few bucks. I am providing a list to help us all out! Many of these items take your party from ordinary to extraordinary and can be used for several years at a time. Note: Grab these items the next time your at the store as you see them on sale and save even more mulah!

6 Plastic white tablecloths- These can be used to make a top tablecloth more opaque, add a waterproof layer under a cloth tablecloth or simply be used alone!

8-10 Balloon weights-Color really doesn't matter...You can cover them with cloth to coordinate with your party décor and secure them with a ribbon.

2 pks white napkins

6 cloth white tablecloths- they go with anything and can be the base for everything!

Assorted paper lanterns (at least 5 of common colors)- I will do an extended post on these but to make it simple for now: they can be used in place of balloons, as centerpieces or to add height to your room.

Assorted ribbon (the goal is to get all common colors)

Plates (colorful BUT character free)

Items that go on clearance often that are optional but festive:

Party tins

Paper straws

Invitation packs

Gift tags

Trinkets for Favor bags

Places items go on clearance frequently:


Party City


World Market

Local Grocery store (directly following a holiday)

*Also, buying more than you need of standard items like containers, bottles, etc. can get you through 3 shindigs easily and be renewed each time.

Example: Bulk clear containers with lids can be food containers for party 1, favor boxes for party 2 and craft rations for party 3. Ribbons, labels and frills give them a new spin each time!

Go to places like Freund, Paper mart, Uline, etc. online for the finds!

When these items are kept in your party inventory, it cuts costs down by more than 60%; which is a winner evertime! You can parrrtayy even more!!

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