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Clearance Gems!

You guys, I scored some of the cutest sneaks that are a whole mood! The contrast of colors and woven upper make them a chic addition to the collection. I loved them so much that I got the princess a pair. I only paid $15 for these babies and they were worth every penny plus two! This particular find came from my second home,

Target, but the same rules should apply at all times when you shop and are on the hunt for a deal while looking fab! Fashion comes from within (high end is a preference) and saving some cash while adding to your wardrobe lets you try all the trends without breaking the bank. Tips to shop by loaded...Now!!

Clearance FIRST

Always start at the clearance racks first! You can find some amazing things at a fraction of the cost. Many stores get their merchandise frequently and have to consistently markdown to accommodate new inventory. Many things you see initially get marked down (or go on sale) within 4 weeks of its arrival, so keep that in mind and plan to check back in for a lower price.

Learn the cycles!

For stores you love, make an effort to learn their clearance cycle by watching patterns like how long items take to markdown, when they change out clothing/fixtures, when they do special collaborations with other designers (these items usually clearance in half the regular clearance cycle time) and which locations mark down quicker. Knowing this info will make it a breeze in landing the items you want and a price you love!

Where do I sign up?!

Sign up for rewards programs with your faves to combine regular store promos with loyalty perks to, many time, save double the amount. Many stores will email you when clearance has an extra discount or when new styles have been added. Use all of this to your advantage and save like a master!

EXTRA TIP: In reference to Target, be sure to keep up with the Cartwheel App! They frequently have additional saving on clothing and everything else. Many don't know this as Target doesn't advertise this, but CLEARANCE SCANS, TOO!!! You can use the same coupons if the brand or type of product is listed turning your frugal find into a clearance gem! You're welcome! Happy Shopping!

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