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A Working Wardrobe Pt. 2

Creating your personal style is just as unique as you are. Sure, you can find inspiration in others and new trends but the core of your style will always go back to what you love most and the phase of life you're currently in.

Starting anew or even updating your wardrobe can be costly and time consuming. While we can change the time consumption for finding those key pieces, I can certainly give you my guidelines for updating/creating a working wardrobe while keeping your budget in mind.

My style choice: Well made basics, interesting accessories, simplified set and a few show-stopping pieces! This just works. It also keeps you from purchasing what's "trendy"(i.e time sensitive) beyond accessories.


Basics, in my opinion, make or break wardrobe. They will be your most used items and I keep well made basics all the way down to jewelry. This make your life so much easier as you can layer and they can be worn in various settings, including the everyday shuffle. Take some time to find what cuts, lengths and fabrics compliment you the way you desire. Once you've found them, find the high and low price points for your key pieces. Sign up for sale alerts and LEARN YOUR STORES.

Fun with Accessories

This is where your personality shines most believe it or not. The "details" are what seals the deal. When I admire a bag, shoe or bangle, I look at the stitching, the craftsmanship and the enhancement it will give to my wardrobe. Ensure you purchase accessories with a collection mindset. Get items that will coordinate with what you have to ensure maximum wear. You CAN rock anything! You simply have to invest a little time in learning what variation works for you.

Wild card capsule

These pieces will be your vibrant colors, unique textures and fun prints! Plainly put, your unforgettable pieces. You can mix and match with your basics and may find it a more simplified process with these pieces as they speak for themselves. I love to invest in jackets because the always pull an outfit together and dresses because they're an easy one piece outfit before accessories.

Remember, the goal is to be able to wear each piece in your wardrobe at least three ways! /I don't know who needs to hear this but clothes are recyclable and meant be worn more than once. May that set you free, lol. Furthermore, investing in laundering products and creating preservation practices will prolong the life of your faves and save serious bucks!

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