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A Working Wardrobe

Everyone who knows me, knows I am a savings queen! I love finding a deal and at one point in my life was buying things without taking into consideration their functionality; especially with additions to my wardrobe...

I then came to the realization that the most money I will save is not spending any!!


A. For all the clothing hoarders: Go shopping in your closet FIRST. Once you find the pieces you love and you want to remain, find at least one more piece in your closet that coordinates with each item. Then, make your list of items you will need to take the ensemble to the next level (there's NO Betty's 'round these parts, lol) and search for specifically that. This ensures you will wear the clothing and will make sure you feel as fabulous and put together in the outfit as you desire!

B. For those starting a new: Make a list of necessary additions to the pieces you have that are still being put to work. when shopping until you drop, only by pieces you can wear THREE ways. Get necessary additions in the same shopping trip. This will ensure that clothing will get wear and you are able to triple your outfits using all of your pieces.

Note: Needing help figuring out where to start? I have a list of basics that will give you a fab head start!


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