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Drowning in Success

"So much to do, so little time" is a never ending song. Many times, we hear of people drowning in depression, despair, grief, unhappiness and a host of many more unpleasant life experiences. In reality, doing well, crushing goals and attaining new levels can FEEL just as damaging to your order of life; even though it's a positive happening in your life.

Answered prayers can be a beautiful whirlwind of chaos that you never intended. Truth is, a new level or change in direction ALWAYS calls for us to go back to the drawing board. What worked yesterday may not work today.

In my life, I've reached a new level of busy and had a huge reality check the other day, realizing the order that I've lived by for several years is out of the window and basically void. What worked before has a very low success rate now. Crazy, right? I literally feel like I'm often drowning and it feels crazy to harbor less than estatic feelings about goals achieved BUT here I am. I feel like I might not be alone...raise your hands, this is a safe space...

Feelings of disorder, unproductivity in achieving a harmonious home life and losing touch with what brings enjoyment rush in like a flood...

Theres good news and bad news! The bad news: If it's broken, it's broken. You usually can't attack new levels with the same strategies. The good news: Creating a new mix is going to be your fix and you WILL win again!!

Where do we start?


"What's working? What isn't?" Are the biggest questions we must ask ourselves continually. Go through what the biggest life changes were. Organize them in categories of what they altered. Ex: New promotion (yay, you!)- Altered Commute (spending more time in the car vs. having a few hours to complete personal tasks), the way you eat and maintenance days for personal responsibilities. Once we acknowledge what changed, that through us for the loop, we then need to assess the negative impact it has on the effectiveness of each day.


Having everything sorted through is our first step towards regaining control of the list of what can be changed for the better. Think of ways that will make tasks easier or create more time to accomplish the "must do" list. It may require later bedtimes, earlier risings, multitasking during carpools and sometines simply coming to the consensus that you can't do everything and operate at top efficiency (this was/is tough for me).

Create and Cultivate

This is the part where we win, folks. The part where we let go of what was and implement the new working order. Intentionality is the name of the game and will forever be required in the most hectic seasons of life. Creating a play by play that encorporates new methods of accomplishing the same daily tasks is where we go from survive to thrive. Creativity is putting effort into handling tasks that are efficient and reduce stress with minimal negative impact. Ex: Laundry's piling- rework your budget and enlist the help of a laundry service until you create more time in your schedule to stay on top of the task. There are so many many services to help us get started on a new, WORKING path!

Peace is principal. Maintaining peace and a good system is the key to enjoying the pureness of forward movement and exponential progress the way it was intended. Let's start now! What is one thing that isn't working? What changed caused this?

Are you surviving or thriving?

  • on the thrive!

  • survival at it's finest!


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