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Stuck at Stumped

I am a creative before all else. That being said, so many ideas, thoughts and concepts flood my mind constantly. Often times, it's hard to choose which to follow due to desires of consistency. Being a small business owner, writer and leader of a tiny village (lol) definitely has me being more experimental as the days go on. Truth is, your process is your process and growth/success may have an abundance of ingredients before the recipe is perfected. Have the strength to:

  • Go back to the drawing board as often as needed

  • Remain STILL when you feel stumped until you feel confident in you approach

  • Oppose the urge to reduce yourself to fit in a box you normally think outside of

  • Withstand the desires to halt because the journey is taking longer than you imagined or the specific goals you've set.

GROW babes! annnnd TRUST THE PROCESS!!

I, myself, have come to a small intersection where I'm revising the order in which I divide my energy between all of my endeavors. I've learned to not obsess over situations beyond my control and reiterate what's for me, is mine exclusively. I had a conversation with my mom and after a lengthy call, she says to me, "everyone gets a splash in the pan". She also said minutes later, Don't worry about this and that. Continue creating YOUR table" I thought to myself, "I can't miss the train when I'm the conductor!" I immediately became reinvigorated and ready to finish another leg of this journey.

My encouragement to you: Trust your instincts and believe in the power of ALL of your gifts. Everything you are doing right now has a place in your success story. Don't let go because you're frustrated, not meeting preliminary deadlines or simply exhausted. It's all worth it.

"If you're tired, take the rest; just remember not to quit."

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