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Pencil you in!

This is something I struggle with more than anything. The older I'm getting, the more I realize how important making myself an urgent priority is. REPEAT AFTER ME AS I RECITE THIS TO MYSELF: If you're not good, you're no good! One more time: If you're not good, you're no good. Realizing this will set you free of the guilt that accompanies taking time for yourself when you wear so many hats. This is so necessary to your overall being and fulfillment. You'll find love in all your responsibilities and/or capacities once more simply because you are diminishing the resentment built from putting those things before your self care. You can't operate at 100% if your running on 20% (or fumes in my case...). You have to recharge to be in control of your being and emotions. You are at your best when you can think clearly and have unwound the tangles and kinks.


I used to get bent out of shape when I was behind on the laundry, late on completing business tasks and too tired to hit all of my daily goals. I couldn't understand why it seemed so unattainable...I thought I was doing everything right! The thing is, when you sacrifice yourself to the point of exhaustion, you are creating a cycle of damage that's hard to break. You are suffering and the tasks are suffering because you are at your best; imagine that. You become short, irritable and sometimes start to exhibit your distress. Being "perfect" requires you to perfect self care. Choose to win by picking yourself to begin. There are simple ways I have begun to unravel this traumatic way of doing things I adapted. You can start in small ways, too!

1. Good morning!

Taking just a few minutes daily to peacefully start the day, gets you off to the right start! Waking up 30min - 1hr before your family or before normally scheduled wake time can allow you to pray, exercise, reflect and meditate. It also allows you to write out tasks for the upcoming day without interruptions.

2. No skipping!

Don't skip Your lunch break!! Even if you choose not to eat during that time, it is really a time for you to recharge your battery. It's also an opportunity to step away from stressors and negativity in the workplace. Don't skip a mid-day reboot!

3. Maintenance

Grooming can make you feel put together and ready to take on the week Many times, when our responsibilities are on overload, we push caring for ourselves to the back shelf; underestimating the power of looking and feeling your best on the outside as well as the inside. You deserve to keep yourself together! Putting your care at the forefront will encourage those around you understand the importance of assisting you in getting time, space and even facilitate your personal enrichment.

4. YOU day!

Once a month, choose a day where you spend several hours with YOU, uninterrupted. If you have to leave the house or send the family out, do so. If you have a hectic work schedule and have very little time off, take a day. It may seem like a tall order but It's worth the benefits that it gives your soul. If you keep going with no "regroup" in-between, a meltdown is sure to follow. Even robots and electronic devices need a moment to update and recharge.

5. Vacate within vacation

Getting away as a family provides fun, a level of safety and a new adventure...but sometimes, even in vacation mode you are still putting everything that it consists of to run smoothly before yourself. Find time to sneak away within your vacation and sit alone by the water, go to the spa or sign up for an activity; party of one.

I encourage you to take time for you!

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