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You've Got Time For That!!

Welcome to 2019, friends!! We made it! I feel so amazingly blessed to have amassed a following and success in the first year of my blog. With a new year comes new goals, new adventures and the desire to get better in many areas! While most people are crowding the gyms to begin conquering a resolution of weight loss, my goal every year is to maximize and utilize my time so that I can accommodate all that encompasses my life. Better time management and utilization is the best goal I could ever strive to accomplish and you will find that making this a priority will make so many new endeavors attainable. Let's work on it together so we can make the most of a new year with a few tips!

Assess and Alter

Reviewing what worked in your daily schedules and things that were a challenge is an important part in being successful with staying on track. List items that didn't work and revise the order or schedule in which the tasks are done. Don't be afraid to go back to the drawing board to figure out what works for you. Example: this past year, I realized with sports that an 8pm bedtime just wasn't feasible for the kids. I have planned to implement a later bedtime when we are back from the holidays to allow us to stay on a routine and pattern allotting for additional structure for our 4. Something as simple as not going to bed on time can really throw the household rhythm completely of track. then before you know it, it's downhill from there... Changing dinner time, moving chore days and changing shopping days can all benefit better utilization of your time!

Stretch it out

Things like long term hairstyles for the kids/yourself or bulk shopping can open up a whole new world for your time. Stretching out times when you revisit time consuming tasks can give you an opportunity to do more in your day. Think about it: if you aren't doing a full do every morning before school, you can get an extra few minutes of sleep or even shorten getting ready for the day. You can make life easier by buying daily use items for the month instead of getting them as needed (usually weekly), which places you in the store after a long day at work; no Bueno.

Plan ahead

Use a planner to write down your schedule. Things that are unique to the week should be put in where location and time will best a lot for them. If you know you will be in one part of town and there's something you previously jotted down and needed to do that happens to be within the same vicinity, go ahead and get it done! One trip is more beneficial and will save time in the long run.

Start the year off by planning to make the most of your energy spent. Get all the necessities complete, the fun planned and everything in between because you've got time for that!

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