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“Long time, No see…”

Is sometimes the best space to be. It's the separation that is often the breeding ground for divine ideas, growth and traceable progress. Even more, it's a space to identify what works and all that doesn't (I call these areas if opportunity).

While it seems simple enough, we often look for the green light from others to take the time WE need. Sounds counterproductive, no?! Truth is, your journey is as individual as you are and sometimes the noise has to be cut in order to gain perspective. Have you ever been driving, get lost and turn down the music to see better? Ha, ha! I'm GUILTY! While it doesn't help a ton on the highways and byways (I sound old...), it is a game changer in the game of life as it elevates focus, diminishes distractions and reduces peanut gallery decision-making. Simply put, it's a win when you have so much on the line or desire successful pivots.

Within the new space you've created, you can:

  • Journal

  • Create a plan that's carefully assess

  • Return to what fulfills and and reignites your joy

  • Reset, Replenish and Regroup

  • Enjoy the little things and simpler times


  • REST!

Often, when don't take inventory of how situations, drastic changes to our environment and challenges/disappointments weigh on us. I've always been taught to keep going and be unbothered; while this is a good practice in some situations, it has its kinks. Not prioritizing yourself and being reasonable in expectations during transitions can do more harm to the progress made. Healing is a journey, burnout is real (even when things couldn't be better) and growth can sometimes hold a high price tag. The real: You're worth figuring out at the pace that's conducive to your positive progress.

Feel empowered this week, this month, this year... You ARE enough!


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