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I'll take a double!! The Mental: Assess and Affirm

Another week is coming to a close... How was it? How are you? Coming back for more?...

These are all questions that need answers! Why?! Because it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of things. Being home more than usual can spell disaster for your mental as many of us survive off of distractions. Did you hear that? MANY OF US SURVIVE OFF OF DISTRACTIONS...

Now more than ever, your mental health is of the utmost importance. You are who you're left with at the end of the day. What's looking back at you? Is it joy, fulfillment, self love or is it pain, frustration, guilt and/or sorrow? How are you meeting your days? With positivity and optimism or uncertainty and anxiety? This all matters. YOU MATTER. YOU'RE HERE ON PURPOSE. YOU ARE ENOUGH. Choosing to deal with those feelings that weigh us down and make us feel unworthy, scared and overwhelmed can cause a positive pivot in your way of living. Being home, we have all been forced to deal with our Sugar-Honey-Ice-Tea!!! Instead of it taking us out, let's emerge alive and better than before! Let's deal so we can be delivered. When you lessen your weaknesses, you simultaneously reduce your ability sink; even when you're in valleys.


Sort through your feelings, acknowledge your fears and express your frustrations. To fix, you have to first understand. Younger in life, I had to go through anger management. Identifying and simply acknowledging why I was fueled was the first step to a big change in my outlook. Many of us aren't honest with ourselves because we think lying to ourselves about reality is going to bolster positivity. There's a big difference between denial and positivity, ha, ha!Many don't know the difference, though. Once you figure out the problems, discover their origin. Real-time example: So many are working from home these days. While it seems fine, so many feel anxiety because they feel like their company isn't able to measure their worth properly, not being face to face. They become gripped in fear of losing their livelihood or obsess over the work that needs to be completed to avoid what they've created in their mind as the inevitable. It may stem from previously losing a job or being a creature of habit... The obsessed worrying becomes hopelessness and the hopelessness will have you questioning life itself. So, understanding the why is super important. I just saved you a couple dollars in the therapist's chair, ha, ha!! When you know why, you can then...


Having a positive outlook on self is an amazing way to not attach your worth to material things and acts. We constantly evolve. Relearning ourselves is the best gift we can give our sanity. If you can't think in totality or its too dark to think about the benefit of "you", take it day by day.

"I finished my tasks 15 minutes early...I'm a beast."

"I got 5 minutes of fresh air today...the sun was waiting for ME to rise."

"I got out of bed today and actually smiled...I'm feeling good." (even though it was probably gas, ha, ha!! y'all know I'm a mess)

"the kids were happy with the sandwiches or dinner and even asked for seconds...I'm a great mom."

"My boss said I did a great job on the zoom meeting. It's because i did the work and prepared myself as only I can...I am enough."

You see, simple things can help you out of a rut when you are barely clinging to life or can't see the overall beauty of a world with you in it. Small wins yield big victories. Every step of progress you make matters. YOU MATTER. A great exercise that I have done when I've been in my darkest moments is post up all the negative things I feel and recite on my bathroom mirror. Seeing them daily reminds you to work to dispel these myths you keep telling yourself are true. I would leave them up until I worked to show myself why it wasn't true. Once my outlook changed, it was removed. Having your feelings on display like that causes you to work more vigorously to make them positive views; especially when you don't live alone. For those single as a pringle, learning to become your own hype man when your self wants to get down on you, is where it's at. It's ok to feel a way, it's not ok to stay. The longer you stay, your mind will play. Have your thought and follow it with the edifying truth. Speechless? What does the word say? (THIS is why having spiritual grounding/foundation is so important in your life.) That is a whole 'nother topic for a later date...

You're no good if you're not good. If you are good, check on others to make sure they are, too! It's free but could save a life; which is invaluable. Wanna chat? I'm here! I hope this has given you the motivation to continue to arrive alive and thriving everyday! Sending you and abundance of smiles!! ( I will be taking donations for botox needed after all the smiles ; )) Grow on … I'm happy you're here!


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