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Don’t worry, you’re worthy!

I am the poster child for things “not coming easy”. So much so, that in a lifetime, I’ve come to expect it as the norm. I’m so positive because I KNOW for a fact, things always come together as they should by experience.

No stranger to hard work, I‘m always eager to put in the necessary effort to achieve the results I’m foaling for. I never thought I’d come to a juncture where I’d ask myself, ”now what?”…

Sure, tasks/goals with #lestruggle written all over them will come but do we recognize and celebrate what didn’t require a crazy amount of elbow grease? Do we feel worthy to even stand in the room of overflow when we’re used to going through hell to get things accomplished?

Short answer: Often times, no. I can even be frequently suspicious of ease, ha, ha!! You?! Sure, I verbalize being the proper candidate for great things happening BUT do I BELIEVE it?!

I would say yes but my actions line up with the contrary because I’m often in disbelief or shocked when reduced struggle occurs.

Let me help all of us: Don’t worry, you’re worthy!

You are worthy of beauty without ashes! You deserve bliss without a miss!

There will always be lessons, “growth stimulators” and the need for more of your effort. Enjoy what comes together seamlessly just as much, if not more. If you’re anything like me, you’ve gotten a thrill from making the “hard one” happen because it constantly affirms you. Guess what?! The easy street does just as much. It’s not by happenstance you experience these beautiful times. The seeds you’ve sown and strides you’ve made have all led you to this point. Don't downplay these moments. YOU ARE WORTHY.

What sweatless victory have you had recently?! CELEBRATE IT! Happy Friday eve!


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