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3 ways to say YES to you!

Finding time for yourself is always an uphill battle when you have a family, a relationship, career or simply adulting (so many things go into that category... it's hard, right?! lol). Truth is, "you time" is just as vital to your survival as eating and breathing. Why? because you can't thrive if you don't constantly go back to what keeps you alive; the fulfillment, strength and understanding of one's self. When you think about it this way, it's SUPER necessary! Stresses of life, challenges as well as victories and balance of emotions can all benefit from taking time for yourself. So, give yourself permission and start today! QTNA: "How do I do this?"


This is numero uno for the simple fact that planning makes so much more possible. We all have the same 24 hours but if often won't seem that way if we aren't using it as best possible. Even if it’s a day once a month, take it! Making it an event allows everyone in your household to plan around you and prepare for one less at "the party", ha, ha! Whether you sync your "You dates" to your partners phone, work planner or family calendar, it MUST be visible to stay viable. It may be rough at the start but adjustment will become smoother with pattern.

Leave me alone! (They will be ok!)

Drop off the guilt and grab a quilt! Seriously. I personally love being at home and able to be alone with my thoughts. Exploring creativity, catching up on hobbies/ reads/ favorite shows or even resting uninterrupted provide temporary release of daily stressors. Sit a game out...pass on an extended family outing...because YOU CAN! You can still be present and not be in attendance to everything. Choose you sometimes. It's not for everyone to understand. You being your best self is the best gift you can provide to those you love and all things you're passionate about.

Quick Regroup

We're not always able to take a day away but releasing when you feel close to the edge is necessary for us all. Take quick regroups as many times as needed daily help you power through. Find a quiet area to just sit; even if for 10-15 min without distraction or disturbance. I started using "exiting stage left" as a term to let my family know I need 10 minutes UNINTERRUPTED. They looked crazy the first few times and acted if they were confused initially after me communicating this prior to implementing (they are always attempting to perform jedi mind tricks, lol) but soon began to honor it as a safe space for me (They even use it for themselves at times.). Now, they clear a room before I can even get up to leave it once they hear me utter the words. They are so dramatic, ha, ha!

Others will respect and appreciate you prioritizing yourself when you do. Give up on finding the time and just create it! You will thank you by returning replenished, inspired and ready to continue winning. Let this be your push to say "yes" to you!


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