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35: Life Notes

Having just celebrated a birthday has me in deep reflection, as it does every year. Living is more about thriving than perfection. I’ve certainly realized that you won’t get everything right but If you learned the lesson, you’ve mastered the level; which is a bigger gain than doing it “right”. Why? Because chances are, you‘ll desire to share your success to help others and you’ll gain additional strength from being challenged. The main Three life notes I’ve carried with me thus far are:

"Give it your best and work on perfecting the rest.”

I used to get so hung up on making things perfect, it would end up rendering a goal in achieved. I would feel literally paralyzed in perfection And the fear of imperfection. While yes, you should always put forth work you would be proud of, it’s important to remember that the evolution is part of the journey. You won’t win idling at start. Get started and work out the rest as it comes to you (every creative will understand that on a deeper level.)

”If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

You can’t be successful letting life happen to you. Choosing to be deliberate about your day, your time and energy spent can make all the difference in forward movement. Even in small tasks, making a plan and actually completing it will make you feel incredible. Even so, that you find enough courage to accomplish what seems impossible.

”It’s not always about how others view you but more beneficial to see how you can change the view of others.” -This is BIG!

So often, especially in the bustling age of “looking like perfection” on social platforms, I see so many desiring others to covet their life, loving others’ desire to be like them, etc. To be an inspiration is to put forth action in helping and assisting others “get there”. It’s just simply not enough to paint the picture. Note: Everyone is a work in progress. I see “inspiring women..., inspiring businesses... ,etc. Only to be an inanimate model that looks for praise from others as confirmation. While this is nice, we are here to help one another as we are all on a forever journey. Others have been shocked at the levels I will go to shine light on, support and love another often. I would love this to be normal behavior. While everyone may not be your ministry, don’t pass on those who are. How do you know that someone can benefit from you? Having enough grace to notice similarities (ESPECIALLY If you aren’t that person anymore- you can assist them in climbing out!). Acting as if something was never a part of does a disservice to you and others. How? (You) You lose sight of having gratitude in how far you’ve come and could become both complacent and self-consumed. (Others) Others don’t get to view prospects of success to encourage them to stay the course and feel alone in they’re experience.

I can’t wait to see chapter 35 in all it’s glory as I have big shoes to fill (the ones little Alexas dreamed up long ago.)

Make sure you also continue learning, growing and radiating beauty! Xoxo- Alexas


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