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“AA”: You need the help!

Not because you can’t but because you shouldn’t....

“Accepting Assistance” was reduced even more so when I became a mom. I would think, “I can do it!” and would also internally feel like if I accepted the help, it made me look inadequate or as if I wasn‘t surviving fitly as a mom. Boy was I w-r-o-n-g with a capital “W”! Did you all read that in my voice? Ha,ha!! Me too. Truth is, accepting assistance is actually the new black and will forever be because you aren’t meant to do it all on your own. YOU WEREN’T MEANT TO DO IT ALL ON YOUR OWN!! Saying that for the other stubborns, lol.

Learning to say yes to help reduces your burn out and empowers you to create winning strategies. No one should forever be on survival mode. Help provides replenishment that can’t be created when you’re constantly on the go.

RealiTEA: Showing all you can do doesn’t make you more valuable to your circle. You can’t convince someone of value they don’t already see, feel or acknowledge (message for another day.). So, you can save flexing the extra muscle. There are so many ways to accept the help and you’re totally worth stepping back sometimes!

Contracting work

Yes, even a DIY queen needs to LSE (let someone else) sometimes. Contracting work also allows liability to be placed with someone else. Start meaningful tasks and lead up to time conservers like cleaning, yard maintenance and grocery shopping (#curbsidebae)! Get really bold and let someone else patch the wall or install a new fixture...

Reliable and trustworthy childcare

Often times, we have restrictions on allowing others to watch our kids because they don’t do the way WE would do it. Let’s get delivered: They NEVER are because they aren’t you! Take it from someone who doesn’t have grandparents and a village at their disposal: It’s okay to have a weekend to yourself. It’s okay to drop the kids off to grab lunch. It’s okay to let them stay an extra hour. You NEED this time. You be even lighter for sharing the load with trusted (keyword) support. I would get so bothered if the kids didn’t do their second teeth brushing or if they had a piece of candy during breakfast that I couldn’t even enjoy the help. Let go... Your sanity will thank you!

Delegating the workload

Again, It may not be your process but let someone else take the wheel on a few things sometimes. If there is offering to take on a task, let it happen. When it comes to work, releasing tasks due to responsibility (and really your brand) can be tough. Being strategic about releasing [simple] tasks can cut down your work load allowing for more wiggle room in more demanding times.

Let’s not burnout! Become stronger and empowered to tackle life while allowing a little help along the way! Say yes to accepting assistance!


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