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Table Talk

Finding ways to relate to each other can sometimes require a little more creativity than it once did; especially with children. Because we must keep the lines of communication open, adding new ways to relate is vital.

I find out the most during low pressure activities. Games, cooking together or watching a movie that yields great debates. Three great ways to get the conversation started:

Family Dinner

Life gets busy. We often find ourselves in thirty places at once (not literally, but we a definitely stretched very thin.) Committing to slow-paced family dinner at least one night a week pumps life back into your togetherness.

Around the room

Games like table topics is great as an icebreaker that gets the conversation started. Listening intently to everyone's answers can often yield organic conversations that tackle tough or complex topics.


Whether a few or the whole crew, going out for a date creates memories and creates and atmosphere for candid conversations. Making it consistent is key! Pull out your calendar and schedule time at least once a month to connect.

Make an opportunity and watch it flourish! Now more than ever, it is important be present with our loved ones. Take the'll never regret it!


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