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Family Time Unlimited

Sometimes you don’t know how much you need something until you experience it and realize “man, that was timely.” Having care free fun is that for me. Sure, we spend time together regularly but this time of year hits different because it’s uninterrupted and not usually layered with a hectic “to-do” list; which is refreshing.

Often, it’s a great time to reconnect, reestablish bonds, understanding, as well as get fresh perspective ahead of the new year. During Christmas break, we also gear up for vision boards and getting so many things on track that may have fallen by the wayside during busier times. It’s a beautiful initiative that we all need more of.

Take some time to assess what isn‘t working (and what is), what you’d love to see, healthy habits you’d like to start and reasons to stay hopeful for positive change and all the good around you.

In this season, my family has experience a great deal of loss with loved ones and it has definitely taken a toll. Still, we are thankful, grateful and beyond blessed. It’s been taxing as we’ve had to explain so much happening in the World with our kids and have even dealt with the woes of parenting and family life (we are on burnout because we are exhausted!!). With all of the challenge, we’ve still been able to uphold our commitment, values and dig deeper in our love for one another. It’s a beautiful thing! Never stop looking for ways to affirm your love...

I hope you all are fortunate to look around and find beauty in your life. No matter what it looks like, THERE IS BEAUTY.

Hug your loved ones and overdose on the love!


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