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On Track and Connected: Family Life

We are all so busy with work, school and the issues of life that sometimes we become distant and it gets increasingly hard to stay on track to ensure home life is a well-oiled machine. In the German house, there's a few things we do to A) stay on track and B) stay connected and a couple are provided:

Staying on Track!

Chore charts:

I always created them for the kids but realized (with the helpful nudging in therapy, lol) that it was necessary for us adults, as well. This is very effective in creating the ability to see what needs to be done in the home and coordinating with each family member to ensure no area is missed! If followed, it keeps everyone contributing to allow for no one person to be burnt out; even you, mom! Can you even imagine that???!

Clips for the minis:

I have referenced this before and I can't understand why it took me so long to figure a system like this out. Many kids are on the clip system at school, so I thought why not implement this strategy in the home; well, viola!! It is sheer magic! The clips are attached to a tin and have all daily tasks written on them. As the kids complete their checklists, they put down a clip. This is an amazing visual aide and keeps the minis on track with ease. It's simple and inexpensive but makes a huge impact. Grab $2 and give it a try!

Staying Connected!

"Shea and Say"

One of my New Year resolutions was to not be ashy, lol....but truly. Don't judge me. I realized early on that I would overlook my needs to make sure the kids are going through their nightly regimens. I started thinking...Why not do these things together instead of struggling to do them once their in bed and I'm utterly exhausted?? The light bulb came on...We are now a well-oiled machine (pun intended, lol). The kids and I call it Shea and say! After bath time, we sit together and moisturize while we discuss the day, issues, concerns and funny happenings from the day. The kids are more open to talk because they view it as a formal event and it allows me an opportunity to talk about things without the feeling of added pressure. To top it off, when we're done, our skin is glowing and so are their smiling faces! in a family, community and the feeling of togetherness is so vital. Try doing this (if you're dry like us, ha!) or something else that creates involvement/joint effort and watch your relationships flourish and the communication strengthen.

Hot Dates!

This is so important! not just for Mom and Dad but for the kiddos as well. Plan dates for Dad/Mom and one on one dates for EACH of your children. Everyone needs one on one time with one another to consistently strengthen the already established bond. It doesn't always have to be elaborate but it needs to be always... Many times, when there's not time set aside for your family members, feelings of being forgotten create distance and the distance breaks communication and being aware; which none of us desire for our family units.

Give these a try, love on your families and nurture the growth between one another. By planting these seeds now, you can have the best opportunity at unity and transparency later in life. Don't wait, start now!

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