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"Pint-sized" styling and fashion at it's best!!

You look at them (those adorable kiddie clothes) and say, "awwww, so cute!"...We love it all, don't we?! Well, Spring is here and Summer is upcoming which means you are likely in the market for kiddie "fits" again. From bows to bowties, dressing our minis is fun and full! Paper dolls have nothing on these pint-sized people we were blessed with. When my children were babies, I bought all the frills and suspenders I could find! It was magical, lol. Flash forward a few years: They're running, playing, flipping, spilling, painting and everything you can think of to destroy a wardrobe. They even started complaining that all my "extra" was itchy, uncomfortable, hot; you name it. It was then, that I realized something different had to be done.

It is VERY possible to spend less AND find "practically chic" style that works for you and the minis you dress! It's all about getting the biggest bang for your buck. When you spend less, you aren't as broken-hearted when those rocker jeans you bought him slide into a mud puddle or that tutu skirt you got the princess gains a hole from her trying to make a pocket for her wand, ha, ha! Here's a few shopping tips to keep in mind to win in this mini style game. Yep, you did that!...

Buy shoes first...

It sounds backwards, I know but it's actually forward. Building a wardrobe from "toe to head" ensure that you always have shoes for each outfit you put together for the kids; which in essence guarantee's all clothing will get worn.

Mix and Match

Colors and patterns, in my opinion, are the foundation of an amazing kid's wardrobe. It gives the allusion that you're doing something more when really, you've went the simple route! Colors and patterns exude personality and isn't something that parents usually go after when shopping for the kiddos; which means this "mini-you" is about to turns some heads!

Shop Around

Don't settle on one store! Shop around to find coordinating pieces. You will be surprised to find that that many stores have similar buyer directives which allows you to find complementing pieces to assemble the look you're desiring. Many times one store may have promotions that enable you to get more!

Raid the clearance first

Walk in. Grab your buggy. Go straight to clearance. SHOP CLEARANCE FIRST!!!!!!! I cannot say this enough...By shopping clearance, you can shop ahead for the next season, find pieces in a collection for less and get the most savings. Sometimes the clearance has been shipped from store warehouse and enables you to get unique tops and bottoms that every kid is not wearing! With larger store chains, got to bigger locations; they mark down more at a faster rate due to constant newness within the store.

Pick Simplicity

When grabbing clothing for the kids, go for simplicity. look for nice lines and texture. Graphic tees are cute and very trendy but you get more wear and versatility from items that are limited on graphics but big on jazz. A ruffle, a rip, off-shoulder, raised seam...these are all attributes that add to the style and expand the wardrobe in multi-wear.

Go all out with accessories

Ok, get crazy!!! This is the are where you need to go all out! This is what takes the clothing to the next level. Earrings, hats, bowties, headbands, fanny packs and anything else you can think of! THIS, ladies and gentlemen is the "IT" factor. This is an inexpensive way to create a look that goes the extra mile! Plus, it will take quite a while for them to outgrow these items; which is a "Tony-the-tiger" great investment!

Multiply each piece

I am a firm believer in multi-wear. Our clothing is not disposable and if we "did that" (lol) RIGHT, shouldn't have one day a year out on the town. For every article of clothing you intend to buy for your minis, make sure you can style 3 ways before throwing it in the bag! If you can't incorporate it with items already in the closet or items you currently have in the buggy, put it back. Yes, I'm dishing out a little tough love because those cute little clothes makes us all weak.

Hang Dry

Now that you've spent a small fortune, care is of the utmost importance. This is very tiring but necessary in keeping your fab finds in beautifully, vibrant condition. you will find the clothing keeps it shape and last even longer than your kids being that size. This also enables you to give away clothing that is ready for new life and in great condition to someone else or a sibling coming up right behind them.

Invest in great laundry detergent

ALL money spent is an investment. protect your invest by making sure you get great laundering items to keep the integrity of the clothing. Maintaining is certainly less expensive than purchasing>

Try these methods the next time you shop! This will save your pockets without compromising style while you're waiting for them to return to civilized life (instead of running around like they were raised by wolves, ha, ha!).

This is me walking out a winner!!! AYEE!!!!

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