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Tantrum Tally

There’s a new brat in town!! Nope, it’s not #GabbyMack … it’s me!! Are you shocked? Imagine my surprise when I realized it mid

tantrum the other day, ha, ha!

Ladies and gentlemen, when I don’t get my way, I am throwing tantrums. It sounds so ridiculous to say aloud but I think it‘s a high possibility I’m not alone (and it’s not just toddlers, lol).

The reality I had to accept and understand is that I am exhausted. I have been going nonstop for so long, that I am past the point of doing myself a disservice; even further, I am allowing my family to ignore my exhaustion by continuing to keep my foot on the gas. I strive to make sure everyone else has a great experience to a fault at times and it is old news. So much so, I can’t even pretend anymore. Instead of communicating (as I know I should) the attitude flies due to frustration.

Have you done this?

Theres been so many changes (all good but still taxing) in such a short span of time and because I’m the “glue”, so much comes before thoughts of how I’m adjusting. Recently, when I‘ve felt bombarded, my next course of action has been to act out. Why am I sharing this? Because transparency is healing and aid to another. Feeling like I will not receive a certain amount of empathy, understanding or simple transferring of the load has altered my response to stress.

Truly, no matter how hard or how often, properly conveying your feelings is always beneficial for your being. It’s so hard being “the strong one” because very few give you the grace you extend or are able to check the temperature successfully before you’re boiling hot.

EVERY person deserves to be heard; including you. It’s also okay not to be ok. Some portions of the journey can be stickier to navigate or require more than you feel like you have to give. It is still imperative that you show up rather than show out.

I’m probably the only adult that will admit to tantrums, which is ok. Toddlers everywhere are raising a juice box in solidarity, ha, ha! They feel me! Do you feel me? Does this resonate with you? What needs do you have that you you are suppressing for the “greater good” but are causing you to emotionally react?

The other day, the Queen Supreme (shocked at my response) clenched her imaginary pearls and asks, "was that level of response necessary??"... While it immediately made me chuckle and completely softened my bad behavior, it immediately made me check myself. She was right. It wasn't worth all of the heat I fired, lol. Don't forget to be your own sounding board just as much as you advocate for those you love. You can save quite a few outbursts, ha, ha!

This is a growth post. Being remarkable is the standard of how we should strive to thrive. I’m tucking the tantrums, returning to necessary communication and feeding my soul. What about you?

Until Thursday, family! xo


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