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Store cash made super!

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

These days, every time you shop you receive a bounce back coupon or in-store cash offer in hopes that you will return. While this is a great marketing strategy for most retail companies, you can maximize your benefit of using it so you win, too!

I’m sharing a few simple steps to ensure that you are maximizing the value of your promotional store cash!

Use it right away!

Stores like Target offer gift cards for future use when you meet the purchase goal during your visit. Any items you plan to purchase beyond the spend amount (qualifies you for the promotion), create a separate transaction and use your gift card immediately after the initial purchase for the next! This ensures you use it!

Do the math!

Retailers like Old Navy give bounce back (term used for return incentives- can’t you tell I was in marketing, lol) promotional cash to use at a later date. The best way to utilize the cash (if you have multiple) is to plan ahead and split transactions wisely. Create a list of items you wish to buy and total them. With the Spend increments/minimums in mind, divide your purchase up in separate transactions to get the biggest bang for your buck!

Daily deals anyone?

During promotional periods, there are often daily deals that coincide with the time period to encourage those without the extra perk to shop. The goal is “something for everyone”. While coupons for daily deals may be excluded, promotional cash and gift cards RARELY are. Use this to your advantage! The slashed price of the daily deal in addition to your extra savings takes you to the bonus round. #winning

The goal is always to get what you need and save as much as possible! What’s on your shopping list this Fall? I’d love to share ways to save!


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