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September: Preparedness Month

Being prepared for natural disasters is so very important! It may seem like a daunting task but shouldn't be skipped! It used to go in one ear and out the other until I found myself in the dark with NO candles, without electricity to cook and all we had was a succulent filet mignon in the fridge, ha, ha! Canned goods look amazing when you really need them but don't have them...

This goal (yes, goal, because being prepared can prevent unplanned obstacles) can easily be achieved by getting a little at a time.

Next time you're at the store, grab a couple items to store’ll quickly grow a nice supply and be super glad you did!

The top three for me are:


You Can NEVER have enough batteries! 9V, AA, AAA...just get 'em all! Costco often has batteries on monthly promotion during September ($11-$13 for 20+pk, yeah...a steal!!) and it's worth every penny to stock up. Batteries at another local retailer can be costly; which isn't optimal for their continuous need. Batteries are needed for flashlights, smoke detectors, alarms, electronic devices, transmitters, etc.


Candles are not just for romantic nights and lavish bubble baths. They are THE difference between you having visibility during outages or loosing on of your fives senses when night falls. As crazy as it may sound, I always fall short with getting enough candles. So, let's remind each other to stock up on candles. I have found arts and craft stores have the bulk packs of pillar candles paired with so many coupons that allow you to save big!

Non-perishable foods and water

You never know when the quality of your water source will be compromised and “YES” it can totally happen! Having water in hand in your vehicle and in your home inventory is essential for cooking, bathing and cleaning if you aren’t able to use your direct water source. Canned goods and foods that don’t have to be heated are a saving grace when waiting for restoration of utilities. If effects of severe weather are widespread, hours can turn into days. Have a backup plan that includes easy nourishment.

First Aid kits, medicine bins, flashlights, cordless chargers, etc are additional items that are important in keeping you and your family prepared! Thinking ahead in these instances can make all the difference in creating levels of comfort in stressful times. Start making your list today and stay ahead of the game!


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